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Corporate Team Event Activity Ideas
Corporate Team Event Activity Ideas

Corporate Team & Event Activity Ideas

Unique ways to engage your team

Here at BeautyDel, we know there is a dynamic of support and camaraderie behind every winning team. We believe that our wins, the strength in our unison, and our investment in our team and peers measure success.


Fostering a positive environment, showing appreciation, and identifying the unique skills your team brings to the table nourishes a workforce dedicated to excellence.


How do we celebrate and raise our team? BeautyDel can help by offering on site self-care services! We have gathered some fun ideas for great organizations to show some love to the outstanding team behind them.

Employee Appreciation Day

Employee appreciation day is not always a full day of fun but often a regular work day with some fun squeezed in. Why not take those spare minutes between meetings and emails to give your team a one-on-one experience and single out their value with some self-care?

Corporate Event Activity Ideas
Corporate Event Activity Ideas

Touch of Relaxation

Whether at the desk or in the field, our bodies take a toll during the workday. Our team can offer some relief with a mini massage.


Neck and shoulder pain from the repetitive strain? Treat your team to a chair massage, and melt away that tension. Hands cramped from typing? A hand and arm massage is the perfect way of sharing gratitude!

Touch of Pampering

Another way to encourage self-care within your team and give them a result to admire for days is our express manicures. Only have 15 minutes to spare for your valued employees? We will provide a polish-based manicure service to give pause for self-love and a beautiful colour to admire throughout the work week­– way to boost the mood!


Is there more time to spare for appreciation? Our 30-minute express plus manicure can be completely customized to suit your team's favourite parts of the manicure service, say an extended massage or some nail design flair. Their pick, and we deliver.

Gala Glam

When planning your next company gala, consider a BeautyDel beauty bar. Meals, drinks and dancing can muss up hairstyles and smear lipstick. Our beauty bar offers hair and makeup touch-ups to ensure your guests are photo ready the whole night. Give your guests a quick refresh on their hairstyle, test out a new lipstick shade, or add some blush and sparkle to their look– make your gala the one to remember!

Corporate Team Event Activity Ideas
Holiday Fun

In the grind, sometimes it's easy to lose sight of life outside of the office. Participate in holidays at work and do something unconventional just for your team!

Halloween Spirit


Guaranteed, some of your team lives for the spooky season! Embrace it and offer a Halloween makeup station. Transform your team (and yourself) and bring the Halloween spirit to the office!

Season of Giving

The holiday season can get busy! The final quarter and hurdle towards a successful year for your company. No matter what you celebrate, it is time to celebrate those around you. Consider the gift of self-love for your fabulous team with BeautyDel gift cards. So they can enjoy pampering beauty and wellness services from the comfort of their home during the holiday season.

Invest in your team's self care

Investing in your team by reminding them to invest in themselves will help them shine 9-5! Our professionals can set up virtually anywhere to deliver a memorable experience. Our event organizers can take any constraints your company may have and create a bespoke event that works within your parameters, so you can easily celebrate the talented people behind your great business.

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